Diabetacare is an initiative of Medical leaders from UK & India combining expertise in Diabetes, eHealthcare & business.

Our core team comprises of experienced medical professionals who have a track record of published research in International journals for Management of Diabetes. Our nationwide presence is empowered by a panel of trained medical professionals who have expertise in treatment & management of Diabetes and related complications.






Diabetacare has an expert panel of qualified, trained and experienced Endocrinologists and Diabetologists.




Foot ulcers, infections and even amputation are among the risks people with Diabetes face from poor foot care. Podiatrists have an extremely important role to play in the prevention and management of foot complications with diabetes.

foot care specialists

foot care specialists

Diabetes Specialist Nurses are part of our innovative inter-disciplinary team leading the way in diabetes care and are actively involved in cross boundary working and supporting non-specialist staff to become more knowledgeable about quality diabetes management.

diabetes specialists nurse

diabetes specialists nurse


The dCare Co-ordinators takes details from people with Diabetes for registration and enrolls them into the pathway.

dcare co-ordinators

dcare co-ordinators (dcc)


At Diabetacare, we have a team of dedicated Diabetes Specialist Nutritionists who assess lifestyle and food habits of people with Diabetes, and help control blood glucose levels by giving a personalized diet plan.





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