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Diabeta™ App

Diabeta™ App is a patient centered application that requires a patient to register at one of the Diabetacare's various locations across the country or with a Partner Physician.

Diabeta™ App is powered by the proprietary Diabetacare's Automated Expert Analytics System (DxNET™) and provides real time motivational, behavioural and educational coaching to help patient's self-manage their diabetes treatment plan.

Diabeta™ App supports patients through smart blood glucose testing (by dCare Smart™ device), smart Blood Pressure monitoring (by dCare Smart 2 n 1™ device) healthy diet planning by Snap a Meal™. Diabeta App will help you to manage your Diabetes by tracking key parameters of :


  • Blood Glucose
  • Calorie intake (Snap A Meal)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Insulin Management
  • Available on Android and IOS
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Snap A Meal™

Snap a Meal™ enables you to conveniently capture your calorie intake and helps us in controlling your weight and blood sugars. Just snap or take a photograph of a meal using the App and we will send you the nutritional value of the meal. Knowing the nutritional value of what you eat helps you to eat and live healthier. Our diabetes specialist nutritionists will track the photographs taken on a real time basis and send back the calorie values with breakup into carbs, fat and proteins.


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